Mariscomania is an unique restoration business located inside the Plaza de Abastos –Fresh Food Market- in Santiago de Compostela.

It was opened by the married couple of Ramón and María in 2003, being run at present by the second familiar generation (also called Ramón and María) giving continuity to a working philosophy with an atypical proposal, very different from the rest of restoration locals in the city.

Our work consists of cooking for the clients the ingredients provided by themselves. We encourage them to walk through the different market stalls to select the products to make up their menu: seafood and meat, that we will cook to be tasted in our facilities located in NAVE 5, accompanied by other offered products (“tapas”, drinks, desserts, etc…) if they wish.

This way of working is thought for the visitors and locals to enjoy the freshest products of Santiago de Compostela.